Third-Party Products

At The Invention Club, we have the opportunity to use products from vendors and manufacturers in the production of our products and services, during the research and development phases of our projects, as well as our day-to-day business operations.  While we don't receive reimbursement or compensation from selling these products, we have found that the products and services provided within this list to be of high quality and we endorse their use.

You may find some of the items strange and not apparently related to our core focus, but we have a lot of secret projects going on behind the scenes. You just never know what we will be announcing next! Keep your eyes peeled, because new things are always just around the corner.

NOTE: The following list contains products and services from third-parties and is in no way related to, or part of, The Invention Club, LLC.  The Invention Club, LLC takes no responsibility for any harm or damage caused by the use of these products or services. Please use any products or services as intended by the manufacturer and seek their assistance if you have questions or concerns about them.